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The Glocal Talents campaign encourages companies to recruit international talents and provides tools and information for hiring international professionals. We have compiled an Information for international recruiting page, which provides comprehensive information about available support.

In our region, there are many highly educated professionals from elsewhere who have not found employment in their field. Various educational institutions and organizations offer services and projects that facilitate the hiring of individuals who have moved to Finland. Solutions to most common issues that companies face when hiring individuals with a foreign background can also be found through these services. There is free language training, counseling, and financial assistance available, as well as excellent and diverse professionals to be hired through educational institutions.

The Chamber of Commerce has also produced vlog videos featuring four companies in our region, where the companies and their professionals with foreign backgrounds share their stories.

This is just the beginning! We hope that these videos will encourage more and more companies to hire individuals from elsewhere.

Global talent — local impact.

International recruiting

Check out the Chamber of Commerce’s news and reports regarding international workforce in Finnish.

Uutiset ja selvitykset

Watch the stories of specialists

Bálint Ilk, Ekeri

Bálint Ilk, a Hungarian native, came to Finland to study hospitality management, and after a career change, he found his way to Ekeri. Bálint now works at Ekeri as a production planner, playing a crucial role in the success of daily production tasks. International talents like Bálint provide Ekeri with a competitive advantage due to their unparalleled understanding of target markets in various countries.

Check out the video of Bálint on YouTube:

Khurram Shahzad, Danfoss

Khurram Shahzad, originally from Pakistan, has lived in different countries and cities throughout his life, but settling down with family and securing a permanent job at Danfoss brought him to Finland. Right from his arrival, he formed a positive impression of Finland, as the taxi driver spoke excellent English and shared insights about the country and its customs, which Khurram hadn’t encountered while living in other European countries. Khurram joined Danfoss through their post-graduate program and has progressed in his career from a engineer to a team leader. Danfoss prioritizes the well-being of its entire staff and promotes integration into the workplace by offering language training in both Finnish and English to all interested employees.

Check out the video of Khurram on YouTube:

Ellen Vargas Virkkala, Wikström Media

Venezuelan Ellen Vargas Virkkala found her way to Finland in 2014 through her father. During her studies, Ellen applied for a job at Wikström Media and soon found her place in the company’s marketing team, where she quickly progressed as an SEO specialist. Working in a multicultural work environment has been natural, as English is used as the common language in both team meetings and the break room. Wikström Media works with ideas, strategies, and concepts, acknowledging that the company’s way of thinking needs to continuously develop. In this, the company’s international experts play a major role.

Check out the video of Ellen on YouTube:

Gomathy Chakkaradhari & Jiachen Dong, Umicore

A Chinese Jiachen Dong and an Indian Gomathy Chakkaradhari work in the research and development department at Umicore. Jiachen, hired about six years ago, was Umicore’s first foreign employee and a pioneer who broke the glass ceiling. When the company began hiring international talent, it quickly realized the significant advantage of having in-house knowledge about target countries. By the time Gomathy joined about two years ago, Umicore had already evolved in hiring international talent, and basics such as an English-speaking work environment and readiness to hire international talent were in place. Both came to Finland for excellent education but stayed here because of their jobs and families.

Check out the video of Gomathy and Jiachen on YouTube: