The Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce offers its members various services and organizes member events. Thanks to the regional training provided by the Chamber of Commerce, companies’ personnel stay up-to-date even as the demands of the operating environment constantly change. Chamber members have an excellent opportunity to network at seminars and other member events organized by the Chamber on current topics. More information about different events is available on the Finnish event calendar.

Train tickets

The member discount is 13 percent and it applies to:

  • Business tickets in Ekstra class or on the upper deck of the Restaurant car, and
  • Single tickets in the Jousto Eco class

You can conveniently purchase your tickets online from the page when logged in as a user. With our 24/7 online service, you can buy tickets whenever it suits you best, and comparing ticket prices is easy. When making a purchase online, you will receive your tickets as a message to your phone or email.

To obtain the Chamber of Commerce member benefit, you can get your username and password from the Chamber of Commerce. Contact Carina Pajala at carina.pajala [at] / +358 44 782 6332 or Emilia Näreaho at emilia.nareaho [at] / +358 44 491 0077.

Expert advice

As a member, your company receives guidance from us on taxation, value-added tax, and employment terms. An experienced expert in tax and labor legislation, KTM Karl-Johan Sigfrids will respond to your inquiries via email. The invoice for this service will be covered by the Chamber of Commerce.

Contact: k-j.sigfrids [at]

Goods Inspection

HTT- inspectors are among the best professionals in their field and impartial experts who perform technical inspections of services or goods. They operate under supervision: with absolute neutrality, diligence, and adherence to the guidelines for goods inspection. For more information on goods inspection, visit the website. HTT- inspectors can be sought by industry and chamber of commerce. Find inspectors on the website in Finnish.

AKA – Property Valuation

An Authorized  Property Valuers (AKA) is an expert in their field who impartially and professionally evaluates properties. They determine the value of real estate in contexts such as property transactions, inheritance divisions, financial statements, rentals, and potential disputes. For more information, visit the website in Finnish.

From the AKA register maintained by the Finland Chamber of Commerce, you can search for appraisers based on the area of operation, area of expertise, or name.

Search for property valuer
Merit badges

Finland Chamber of Commerce’s merit badge is a public and lasting recognition for a job well done. The merit badge communicates to the recipient that their experience and dedication to the company are valued. The merit badge, based on regulation, is also an official recognition from the entire national business community. For more information about the Finland Chamber of Commerce’s merit badges, visit the website.

Professional Books and Chamber of Commerce Information

The Chamber of Commerce publishes dozens of popular books annually on various timely topics such as finance, human resources management, leadership, and legal matters. As a member, you’ll receive an average discount of 25 percent on all books. Explore the books on the website in Finnish.

Online services related to financial management, taxation, employment relationships, legal matters, and international trade keep your knowledge up-to-date at a discounted member price. You can familiarize yourself with the KauppakamariTieto service in Finnish at

You can also access international model contracts and rules from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) at a member price through us.

Arbitration Proceedings

Arbitration is an efficient method for resolving disputes between companies as an alternative to court proceedings. In arbitration, disputes are resolved quickly and expertly. Arbitration is particularly used within the business community. The process is only suitable for disputes where settlement is permitted.

For more information about arbitration, visit the Arbitration Board’s website in Finnish.