Internationalization services

The Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce offers internationalization services in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network. The services are free of charge for SMEs; EEN is established by the European Commission and partly publicly funded.

EEN assists companies with concrete internationalization, foreign trade, EU funding, and intellectual property rights, as well as other legal matters. EEN operates in over 60 countries, often in conjunction with chambers of commerce. A process has been developed within the EEN network to obtain information from colleagues in different countries. The main focus of the activities is in EU countries.

EEN provides:

  • General internationalization and legal advice
  • Internationalization seminars and communications
  • Services for finding international partners, using the Enterprise Europe Network Partnering tool and B2B events
  • Assistance in finding suitable EU funding programs
  • Analysis of company development areas – targeted especially at companies investing in innovation
  • A feedback channel to the EU Commission regarding internal market issues
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